Prince Caspian

My husband and I took Zane to see Prince Caspian Sunday afternoon. I have been waiting for this movie with anticipation! I generally liked it, although they did not stick as close to the book as they did with the first movie. A change which they made, which I think was better than the book, was leaving out Bacchus and the wild girls. They completely left out the scene with the little Telmarine girl at the school, though, which I loved.

A change which they made which I think was worse than the book, was Peter having a chip on his shoulder. He did not have the nobility he did in the book until the end. I suppose they decided they had to show him growing into his nobility as a process, but it was something I did not like.

Like the first movie, it was visually stunning and beautiful. The Christian themes were again subtle, but they came through: 1) help comes when you ask for it, although it may take a different form than you were expecting; 2) you may have to follow God alone; 3) we cannot always depend on visions, audible instructions, tangible experience and the like for guidance – sometimes God’s face is hidden – and we just have to do what we know is right; 4) evil can be beautiful and tempting. There was also a subtle theme of making things happen out of the works of our flesh vs. relying on God, juxtaposed with sometimes God works through our actions, but that is a difficult theme to explain, let alone depict visually, although they might have pulled it off – it just doesn’t leap out at you while you are caught up in the movie.

However, Zane loved the movie, even if he did not understand it all. He is going to be four in a few weeks, and in about four years after that, we can give him his own set of Narnia books!


Banana chocolate chip pancake day

You just know that a day that begins with banana chocolate chip pancakes is going to be good. Zane’s Mom brought him and Grace over for breakfast this morning and we ended up spending the day together. Sure, we all had things to do, but how many summer days I am going to get to spend with Zane as the cutest three- year- old ever? After lunch when he threw his arms around my neck and told me "I wuv you, Granma," that just makes it all worth it. Yes, I will be working extra hard tomorrow, and thrilled to be doing so. By the way, I managed to snap another picture of Gracie:

Zane and Grace

I was just thinking last night about the meaning of Zane’s and Grace’s names. Zane is from Sean, which is the anglicized Irish of John, which means, "God is gracious;" and Grace, of course, means "grace". So together their names mean "God is a gracious [giver of] unmerited favor and kindness." How true that is. Isn’t that lovely?

My daughter, her husband, and new baby are still in the hospital and will be going home today, Lord willing. I am picking Zane up from the other grandma’s house in a little bit and will have him today. We are going to the hospital to see everyone, of course, then parks and playing and a visit to the cousins (so Grandma can catch her breath, LOL) then I will take Zane and supper back to his house once his Mom and Dad get settled. So this will be my post for today, unless by a miracle at the end of the day I am full of energy for writing. But I promised pictures, and I need to process them off the camera and onto the computer so I can post them, and that is more likely what will happen this evening, LOL.

I just have to mention how proud I am of my daughter. She delivered Grace naturally without drugs, and maintained a calm and peaceful spirit throughout. I did not hear her snap at anyone even once. Then after the baby was born, when she was exhausted and hungry, she still received well- wishers with so much genuine grace. My daughter’s gentle and quiet spirit is such an inspiration to me. God bless you and your sweet little ones, honey. Dad and I are soo proud of you and your precious family.

Update: click on the thumbnail to enlargeclick on the thumbnail to enlargePictures! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Grandbaby coming today, Lord willing

Well, it’s 2:10 am in the morning, on Monday June 4th; I am at the hospital while my daughter is in labor. The contractions are about 4 minutes apart and she is dialated 6 cm. We may have a baby by breakfast! Pics to be posted as soon as possible …

Update: the baby was born at 2:24 pm this afternoon — a girl, Grace Lynn!! She is 6 lbs 14 oz and 19-1/4" long. Mother and baby are fine! As soon as I get home later tonight, I will post pics!!

Possible baby alert

Just to update everyone: our daughter has been having contractions every ten minutes apart for over 24 hours now; so the baby has not been born yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be soon, maybe even today! If there is a break in posting, chalk it up to Grandma being at the hospital with her new grandbaby, and pics will be posted as soon as possible.