old friends and new

We used to be a little perspective, over at homeschoolblogger.com. Yes, I am that Christine Miller, LOL. That blog is still there! I just can’t get into it. So we moved over here, and every single post that was ever posted there, moved with us. Whew!

We had a few rough years there, where I fell out of blogging daily, but I started posting my Bible study posts online. They are at Christine’s Bible Study. I still post there every day.

Now that things are settling down, I want to get back into posting about homeschooling, education, philosophy, history, science … oh, and news, which I have learned to dislike intensely … 😛 … so here I am.

Nothing New Press is still here too … we are working on our website, and the links are wonky and giving us fits at the moment, but we are still here. (Sometimes I feel like a Who on a dust speck. Yes, I have grandchildren, how did you know?)

For now the home page is at

and the ordering page to order books is at

Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin!

I should add, that I am posting specifically about history on Nothing New Press’ facebook page every day. I have been wanting to do this for some time, but did not know how to get a blog up at the NNP site. Facebook to the rescue!

I need to restructure my site like the Pioneer Woman, and have one tab for history, one tab for Bible studies, one tab for homeschooling, etc. etc. etc. I am not techy at all but hopefully we will get there one day!


Back in the saddle again

After a long hiatus, Christine is back to blogging again. Moving across the country (from Colorado to Florida) coupled with a debilitating car accident threw a monkey wrench into the works. But, we are finally more or less back to normal and I find I have missed blogging. 🙂 Stay tuned for what you can expect going forward.

P.S. Thank you to WordPress for making the blog transfer from homeschool blogger painless. 🙂

Fall feasts of the Lord

I have most of my posts about the fall feast days to the Lord – Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles, which season we are in right now – posted under feasts of the Lord at christine’s bible study, http://christinesbiblestudy.wordpress.com/. It is my goal to get all my studies on the Lord’s holy days (holidays) and their relevance to the believer in Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah, eventually transferred to christine’s bible study. That blog is searchable and the archives by topic are a lot easier to use. 🙂

Christine’s Bible study

I started a new blog for my Bible study posts. Besides all that I post here in that vein, which is woefully disorganized and hard to track down, I am involved in several Bible studies every day that generate even more notes, LOL. I really wanted to post all of it in an organized manner so that all that has gone on before will be easily accessible to anyone. The address is:


When I get a chance I will make a permanent link here. I would like to get back, on this blog, then, to news and homeschool and education and family and kids and books and curriculum, and I am hoping that by having a separate site for the Bible study posts, I can keep to my original mission here, LOL.

Vacation reading

We are heading out to see our family in Colorado. Posting may be scant until we get back home. But on the other hand, since I will have more free time, maybe it will pick up, LOL. At any rate, I am going to be working on the holidays series, and Has the New Testament abolished the Torah series, to get everything linked together which still needs it. As well as the Revelation series. So be looking for that!

I am available by email … really

I quit checking my e-mail address associated with this blog some time ago. It seems for the longest time I never got any e-mail, except spam. I just realized today that I couldn’t remember the last time I checked it, and I thought, “Well, maybe there will be an e-mail or two in there by now.” Well, it had been over a year since the last time I checked. I just want to apologize to everyone. There were dozens (and dozens) of e-mails waiting. So I want you all to know, if you have e-mailed me about this blog or any of my blog posts, I did get your e-mail, and I will be working over the next few weeks to answer you. Please don’t give up on me! If you want, you can e-mail me again. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. Now when I am all caught up, I am making it my goal to check my e-mail every week from now on. So hopefully nothing like this long hiatus will ever happen again. (If it does, you can always leave a comment. Those get forwarded to my personal e-mail inbox, which I see every day).