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Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for ‘Lesbian Kiss’ During Anti-Bullying Presentation (Apr 20)

California ‘Bathroom Bill’ Mandating Schools to Allow Boys in Girls’ Restrooms Approved By Assembly (Apr 18)

8th Grade Student Suspended, Arrested over NRA TShirt (Apr 18)

Indoctrination: 4th Grader Taught Giving up Rights for Security is OK (Apr 12)

Common Core’s Political Agenda (Apr 2013)


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This has to be one of the most outrageous writing assignments ever to come out of a public school: School apologizes for ‘Nazi’ writing assignment. And then we wonder why we see headlines like this.

Free! free! free!

Sometimes the biggest challenge to homeschooling is not the teaching – it’s finding the money to buy all the books we want! I have been saving my money for a Kindle eReader. Slow going so far. In the mean time, I discovered that Amazon.com has Kindle apps – programs you can download for free that enable you to read Kindle eBooks on devices other than a Kindle. I downloaded Kindle for PC – it lets me read Kindle eBooks on my computer or laptop as if I had a Kindle.

Then I discovered most of the classic history and literature – the old books we prefer using with our children as homeschoolers – are available for free in Kindle editions. I downloaded the free Kindle app for my PC while I am saving for a Kindle; then downloaded the classic history and literature I have been working so hard to collect for my library – for free – to read on my Kindle app. One day I will have my whole classic history and literature library on a 5×7 Kindle I can slip in my purse, instead of in 36 apple boxes as is now the case.

Of course I love reading real books rather than text on a screen – and the advantages to having the real books are clear. But for those on a budget without the resources to spend on the real books; for those with space constraints (always an issue for us) without the bookshelves to house all the books we wish we had; having your entire library on a Kindle – immediately portable and accessible even if a flood or tornado was coming – is such a wonderful option! There are days when I absolutely love technology!

I have even found quite a few books I am excited to read, that are new discoveries (for me) that were hard to find in my usual haunts of library used book sales and flea markets. Titles like Athens: Its Rise and Fall by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton; Roman Life in the Days of Cicero by A. J. Church; The History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John by George Adams; The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle.

For homeschoolers trying to save money, this is a huge advantage. And while the free versions of the classics may not come with all the bells and whistles the paid versions come with, you have the text of the book – the most important thing – without an outlay of cash.

As I find more free Kindle treasures in the coming months, I will post about them here. 🙂

We need college reformation

A college professor in Connecticut filed a campus police complaint about one of her Communications class students. Her problem was that his speech was about how a tragedy such as the Virginia Tech shootings could have been mitigated were students allowed to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Her complaint was that some of her students were uncomfortable and scared listening to the speech, and it is her duty to protect her students from anything that makes them uncomfortable or scared.

This is university we are talking about, not kindergarten!

If university professors feel it is their responsibility to keep adult students "safe" from ideas with which they may be uncomfortable hearing, then what is the point of going to college in the first place? Professors are NOT surrogate parents. And when did university professors decide that protecting students from ever being uncomfortable was their mission in life? Shouldn’t it be instead (in this case) teaching effective communication?

The student should receive an A for his speech, since he communicated his ideas so well that the prof decided to take this extreme action. But this is the liberal, fascist, totalitarian, aristocratic way: To keep people victims and children, so that they do not question the wisdom of the self- appointed "intellectually superior" masters. To not to discuss the merits of ideas and their consequences, but to use force and intimidation to shut up all who do not kowtow the party line.

I wonder if the next step in education emancipation should be some sort of self- directed college courses and degree programs, free from political correctness run amok.

Jump ship

Obama’s new education secretary is the former super of Chicago’s public schools. The LA Times calls her an intellectual heavyweight, and a reformer. However, her city’s dismal academic performance belies the hope and change we were promised.

So now is a great time, Christian parents, to abandon the sinking ship of the public school system and save your kids from the quicksand before it gets worse! I will not lie to you, homeschooling is hard work. But if you can persevere, the rewards are great. Not the least might be, seeing your children NOT become a statistic, that 90% of Christian children walk away from God and the church after high school.