be of good cheer

Today is really my first day back to work since the car accident. I am still so sore – cracked ribs and a lot of soft tissue damage to my left leg. I am practically purple from head to toe. What I have had reaffirmed to me, through all this, is that in this world we really will have tribulation. And while some of it is brought onto our own heads by foolishness or sin, not all of it is. Sometimes it is random. BUT, we can be of good cheer, because Jesus has overcome this world! I am so filled with joy that my Abba Father is on His throne, and there He will stay. I trust Him, and whatever happens, all will work out for good for those who love God and who are called according to His purpose. That’s me!

But the effort of trying to get back into my normal swing of things has really taken its toll on me. I have finished working for the day, and wanted to start back up on the Revelation series again, but I am going to take a nap instead. I am so sorry – I need to heal. I will be back tomorrow!


I am thankful for seatbelts and airbags today

Someone broadsided me yesterday while I was out running errands. I am okay, just a few cracked ribs, and bumps, scrapes, and bruises. I am thankful to God that the car, which can easily be replaced, sustained the majority of the damage, not the people! The car is totaled. My husband is helping me ship tomorrow morning, then I am going to bed until after Thanksgiving, LOL. The docs assured me I would feel much better after the weekend.

So from our house to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, be blessed, and I will see you on Monday!

We wish we weren't so familiar …

… with the inside of our local hospital. I spent the day yesterday at the emergency room with beloved family – we had a scary incident related to the emergency surgery of one month ago. Finally got home at 9 pm, after a full day of tests, scans, and more tests. Beloved family is home resting as well. We have to keep our eyes open for complications, but it seems the trouble is under control for now, for which we are very grateful. 🙂

Treasure which does not rust

We have been working on shipping all week, and are just about finished. But we are way behind on e-mailing the shipping confirmations to everyone. (If you are waiting for an e-mail, I apologize! It is coming, I promise!) So I can’t do any blog posting until that is all caught up. I feel like I keep apologizing for how busy our lives are this summer, and I am. I will stop myself from apologizing for apologizing, LOL.

For example, this week is my deceased mother’s husband’s birthday. Instead of buying him something he doesn’t need, I have spent hours upon hours in the evenings going through our family photos since my husband and I were married, scanning them, cleaning up the scans, and putting them on disk for him since he has one of those digital photo frames now. That was over 26 years of photos. And since we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with our newborn daughter, and had her siblings like clockwork after her, then started homeschooling, those 26 years of photos were in a box. Loose. Unsorted, unlabeled, LOL. There is a reason that box has remained untouched all these years, LOL.

So I would have saved myself lots of blogging time if I didn’t decide to hand-make a gift. But this is my way of honoring my mother and her husband, and I think he will really like it. 🙂

Besides, now that the photos are sorted, I might take up scrapbooking. My daughter is into that, and it looks like fun. It would be wonderful to get our memories out of a box and into books, wouldn’t it? It would be loads of fun, if I weren’t already quilting, and being Grandma, LOL. Oh well. Investing in treasure which does not rust, like time with people, caring for them and making memories with them, is a wise investment and time well spent.