it’s beginning to rain

Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass.

Deuteronomy 32:2

It’s beginning to rain
Hear the voice of the Father
He’s saying, “Whosoever will
Come drink of this water!”
He promised to pour His Spirit out
On His sons and His daughters
If you’re thirsty and dry
Look up to the sky
It’s beginning to rain!


nothing is impossible

With God all things are possible

Matthew 19:26

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging sea
You walk with me through fire
You heal all my disease

I trust in You! I trust in You!

I believe that You’re my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe that You’re my portion
I believe You’re more than enough for me

Jesus, You’re all I need …
Jesus, You’re all I need …
Jesus, You’re all I need …
Nothing is impossible … No, nothing is impossible … Nothing is impossible for You

You hold my world in Your hands!

Brits tighten screws on homeschooling

Brits tighten screws on homeschooling

If this new report’s recommendations are followed, it would call for the government to take over homeschooling in Britain. Specifically, parents would have to register with the equivalent of our federal government, and be available for visits by federal agencies at any time to separate the children from the parents, to be questioned about their homeschooling. Secondly, all homeschool curriculum would be mandated by the state, and parental choice in curriculum would come to an end. At least, if the parents wanted to teach from a different curriculum than the one sanctioned by the state, they would have to do so in addition to the state- sanctioned curriculum, placing an additional and unnecessary time and financial burden on homeschooling families.

These changes were recommended based on sections in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty.

You wonder how many of these changes have been sought for since the rise of a true biblical belief in God’s creation of the world as opposed to evolution, have made such dramatic strides. You also wonder if they will invade Muslim homes with equal fervor to sequester the children and grill them on what they are being taught by their parents. Somehow, I very much doubt it.

We ought to be concerned that the same thing can happen here, especially with a Democratically- controlled Washington DC, as part of the Democratic platform is opposition to homeschooling. Visit to find out how to help.